Should you buy a list?

Should you buy a list?

Buying an emailing list is probably a question that a lot of people ask themselves. We live in a time when we want things instantly. Buying a list can possibly help you get what you have to offer out to as many people as possible in a short period of time. Is buying an emailing list worth the risk? 


Purchased lists tend to be bloated and/or not be well maintained. A major concern here is that you could be in violation of several privacy laws by sending to these addresses. Emailing people without their consent can lead to hefty fines. You could also be sending emails to inactive addresses. Additionally addresses known as spam traps and honeypots are frequently inserted into these lists. Either one of these can hurt your IP reputation and your email deliverability. Your spam rate could end up going through the roof. Finally the ESP’s tend to frown on this behavior. Growing your own list organically may take some time, but can avoid a lot of obstacles that come with buying a list.


Our advice is don’t buy a list, it isn’t worth it.

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